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Commercial Landscape Design San Diego

Landscape designers have ecological, aesthetic and technical training to maximize the potential of your outdoor spaces. They design walkways, patios, water features, fences, garden aspects and more. Some also deliver the plans and oversee a hired landscaping contractor to construct the project.

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Breceda Landscape

Located in San Diego, Breceda Landscape offers services to enhance the look of commercial and residential spaces. Its team builds pavers and patios for outdoor activities, and designs gardens with gates and fences to increase security. It also installs lighting and fire features to maximize outdoor spaces and boost property value. In addition, it handles water management.

The company provides garden maintenance services, including lawn mowing, hedge trimming, and weed control. Its technicians are trained in horticultural and agronomic practices. They work with clients to develop garden design plans and implement them. They can also handle tree care solutions, such as tree pruning and removing dead trees.

Eric Breceda and his staff at Breceda Landscape offer a wide range of landscaping projects, from the smallest to the largest. The company has more than 30 years of experience. Its clients include homeowners, home builders, and developers. They are experienced in all aspects of landscape projects, including irrigation drip systems, drainage, and plant installation. They can also create rock, boulder, and dry river beds.

Environs Landscape Architecture

The staff at Environs Landscape Architecture takes a holistic approach to landscape design and planning, focusing on the physical, social, and environmental aspects of a project. They use their skills in a variety of fields, including ecology, horticulture, and urban design, to create unique designs that complement the built environment. They also work closely with communities and other stakeholders to develop plans for sustainable development.

Global climate change and urban heat island intensification are making many cities uncomfortably hot during heat waves. Designing cooler cities requires close integration of microclimate information in landscape architectural research and practice.

A number of studies have documented the ecological benefits of community green spaces, but few examine their impact on residents’ well-being. This study is among the first to evaluate community green spaces using a longitudinal survey. It also explores the potential of multifunctional landscape design for ecosystem services.

As a professor, Franco leads the Diggers Studio, an academic project that posits an alternative model for landscape production. It gives students hands-on experience working alongside city park crews and landscapers to learn the skills of the trade. The goal is to tear down the divisions between design and labor, and place them both on equal footing.

Smart Landscape

Many people don’t realize that every time they plant a shrub or flower bed, they’re engaging in landscape design. Even unintentional designs may create a chaotic collection of plants that lack cohesion and often need to be removed long before they’ve fulfilled their natural life spans.

When designing a landscape, it’s important to consider how the property will be used. For example, if you want to use the space for entertaining, hardscape features like outdoor kitchens can increase your enjoyment of the yard. These features will also increase your property value and decrease the amount of time you spend mowing and watering.

To make your landscape fire smart, consider incorporating some plants that are resistant to high heat and drought conditions. This will help you save money and protect your home from damage in a wildfire. Additionally, make sure you follow the defensible space zone 0-5 feet from your home to minimize combustible material. To learn more, contact your local UC Cooperative Extension service or consult with a landscape designer.

Dave Suda Landscape & Irrigation Repairs

When it comes to commercial landscape design San Diego, you have a lot of options. From flower planting to hardscaping, there are a million ways that you can make your office environment more inviting. A professional can help you find the right options for your business.

Founded in 2005, Install-It-Direct provides residential and commercial landscaping services. Its designers help clients develop a landscape design that fits their tastes and needs. They also help with lawn care and weed control. Additionally, they build charming paved patios and driveways and install water features like ponds and fountains.

In addition to lawn mowing and trimming, Pilo Landscaping also offers maintenance solutions for trees and flowerbeds. Its garden designs include the use of plants, decomposed granite, and weed barrier fabrics. It also assembles and disassembles pavers, sods, and artificial turfs.

Located in San Diego, Gonzalez Landscaping and Design Inc serves residential property owners throughout the area. Its team of horticultural experts produces landscape designs that blend well with the native ecosystems of California. Its services include xeriscapes, outdoor lighting systems, and landscape designs that incorporate the use of stone, wood, and mulches.

San Diego Native Landscapes

San Diego Native Landscapes is a veteran-owned company that designs eco-friendly, sustainable landscaping. Its team of experts helps homeowners design and build their dream outdoor spaces. They also provide ongoing maintenance services. The company specializes in landscaping, water conservation, and restoring natural habitats.

The business serves commercial, residential, and public properties. Its landscape services include lawn mowing, trimming trees and shrubs, weed control, mulching, fertilization, and more. Its garden design services focus on native and drought-tolerant plants. It also installs retaining walls, driveways, and pavers.

The company’s landscape designers use their experience to create a design that reflects the homeowner’s taste and lifestyle. Its team provides an initial on-site consultation to discuss the project’s scope and budget. After the consultation, the company prepares a comprehensive landscape plan and schedules a meeting to present it to clients. After the final landscape design is complete, the firm carries out the work. The company focuses on clear communication and customer satisfaction. Its staff is trained to handle various types of projects. The business also specializes in landscape maintenance and spring and fall cleanups.

Belle Terre Landscapes

Belle Terre Landscapes creates gardens within budgets that showcase clients’ unique styles. They build stone pathways and gazebos, and provide maintenance services including weed control, water conservation, and tree care. They also specialize in drought-tolerant and native vegetation and xeriscapes for water and time savings.

Located in Mission Valley, Armstrong San Diego landscape designer offers at-home consultations to discuss the client’s goals and preferences. They walk the garden and advise on what plants to choose. They also offer services such as irrigation, water and tree management, and sculptural elements.

Kristian has a passion for design, cooking, and the outdoors. She specializes in creating timeless gardens that focus on beauty and comfort. Her designs incorporate curved walkways with partially obscured “surprises” that draw the eye throughout the garden.

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Sun Valley Landscape Inc.

The company specializes in landscape design, maintenance, and construction. They work with homeowners to create landscapes that showcase their individuality. Their team also builds outdoor living areas, including barbecues, fire pits, gazebos, and patios. They use natural and artificial materials to ensure that each garden is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

The Omaha, Nebraska-based company offers residential and commercial services for its clients in the area. Its staff provides landscape design and installation services, as well as installs pavers, driveways, and walkways. They also provide irrigation and lawn care solutions and install lighting fixtures to enhance the appearance of outdoor spaces.

Paul Fraynd, CEO and partner of Sun Valley Landscaping, describes how he and his late business partner Hugh Morton started their company with a rock yard. They began selling natural stone and landscaping products, and later hired a crew to help with installation. Today, the company has five crews and does everything from installing landscape to creating custom fireplaces, barbeques, retaining walls, and gazebos. The company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and focuses on building custom-designed projects for its customers.

Greensleeves Landscape

Serving San Diego, Chula Vista, Poway, Lemon Grove, and Bankers Hill, Greensleeves Landscape is a water-wise landscaping company. They offer landscape maintenance and construction services. They use fire-safe and drought tolerant plants to minimize maintenance costs and water consumption. They also offer eco-friendly fertilizer applications.

They serve a variety of clients, including condominiums, hotels and government principalities. Their staff has degrees in horticulture and design and uses the latest technology. They have a strong focus on client satisfaction and are experienced in creating timeless gardens that emphasize beauty, comfort and utility.

They specialize in landscaping and designing garden features, water features, and custom decks and patios. They also offer tree care and irrigation system management services. They use native species that are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. They are a certified eco-landscaper and follow sustainable practices to protect wildlife habitat and reduce waste. They provide a free consultation and estimate.